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This is an exciting time for your toddler, as the desire to discover and explore with new-found

independence emerges. Our teachers provide your toddler with fun and exciting activities. Our  

Toddler Program is built upon supporting exploration and individual development based on each  

child's interest. We know that engaging your toddler in interactive experiences provides the  

foundation for active learning. Our teachers are dedicated and passionate about providing a loving,

nuturing and safe enviroment.


Our "Active Learning In Action" ™ Program provides the educational foundation for exploration,

fun and excitement.



Creative Minds In Action





Story time allows for exploration and relating to new sights and sounds.



Our photographic books help build vocabulary and language skills through exploration.



Fun daily activities help your toddler develop new experiences and skills.



Our Plush Puppets come to life keeping your toddler engaged and facinated.



American Sign Language provides the opportunity to develop language and communication skills.



We can help build your child's creative mind with our truly balanced, " Active Learning in Action"




                                                   Active Bodies In Action



Our Music program introduces your toddler to the world of music through talking,playing, moving and singing.




Your toddler will be inspired and encouraged to develop skills including throwing,catching, balancing, kicking, stretching and jumping.



We can help build your child's active body with our truly balanced, "Active Learning In Action"™ Program.



                                                     Happy Faces In Action


Your toddler will become aware of their feelings and learn how to respond to others. Our teachers delight in every moment of your toddlers happiness and smiling face.



Our teachers provide a variety of activities with fun materials that allow a great sense of accomplishment and self expression.



We can help your child have happy faces with our truly balanced, "Active Learning In Action" ™ Program.



                                                    Their World In Action


Our teachers encourage your toddler to explore and play in a loving, safe and clean envirnoment.


Our toddler classrooms provide exciting educational experiences and activities based upon your child's interest and stage of development.



Our Family Partnership enables us to work together to establish, maintain and update your toddlers developmental progress. This partnership ensures that your toddler's needs are met to promote exciting growth and development.


We can help your child explore their world with our truly balanced,"Active Learning In Action"™ Program.





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